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16 Panel pada St Peter Basilica

Dari kiri ke kanan:

Baris pertama:
1. The Angel at the Gates of Paradise

2. The Fall

3. Mary The Annunciation

4. The Angel of The Annunciation

Baris kedua:

5. Christs Baptism in the Jordan

6. The Lost Sheep
7. The Merciful Father
8. The Cure of a Paralytic

Baris ketiga:
9. The Woman who was a Sinner

10. The Need for Forgiveness
11. Peters Denial
12. In Front of the Crucifix The Good Thief

Baris keempat (paling bawah):
13. The Appearance to Thomas

14. Christ Appearance to The Disciples

15. The Conversion of Saul

16. Opening The Holy Door




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